A History of the Bible: The Book and Its Faiths – John Barton – 05.09.22

It’s rare for me to finish a non fiction book, because I usually get bored and annoyed at how they tend to be so long winded about everything. This book was a bit boring and longwinded at times, but I did finish it because it’s a subject that I found really interesting.

I was raised in a home that was first Baptist, then charismatic Christian Fellowship church going and daily Bible reading was part of my home life. I’d say that my parents were fundamentalists, in that they believed that every word of the Bible was true and most of it (except for the parts that were spelled out as parables or imagery) as being literally true.

So my knowledge of the bible was very much one sided – I knew very little about the history of the scrolls and codices that were the ‘original’ bible books, and about the different translations and changes that they have undergone. My grandparents, staunch Brethren, believed that the AV version was The Word and any changes to it were terrible, as if the original authors wrote in formal English!

I thought that this book was refreshing in that it presented the historical facts (or at least the facts that the evidence point to) and discussed them without pushing an agenda – it can be difficult finding objective information about emotive issues because people on all sides want to shout out their opinions and interpretations.

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