Lily – Rose Tremain – 14.08.22

I loved Rose Tremain’s book, The Colour, which I read years ago and so when this one was 99p on kindle I bought it.

Lily is different from the books I’ve been reading of late – no magical realism or urban fantasy here – this is in some ways a very simple and straightforward novel set in Victorian England. Lily is a foundling – a baby abandoned in a park and rescued by a young police constable who watches over her from afar for most of her life.

The orphanage where he takes her sends babies to be fostered by families in the country until they’re six when they are returned to be taught ‘good Christian ways’ and a suitable trade.

Lily was happy with her foster family, which only made the transition back to the cruel and abusive treatment of the children’s home harder, but Lily is strong and feisty and survives, but at what cost?

I thought the book was beautiful – I really enjoyed reading it and read it quickly.

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