The First 15 Lives of Harry August – Claire North – 05.07.22

This is the second in my Claire North binge, and another great book. Similar in plot in many ways to Life after Life by Kate Atkinson, which I enjoyed reading, and I loved the TV adaptation of. In both novels, the main character is reborn every time they die to re-live the same life over again, with subtle (or not so subtle) changes. In the Kate Atkinson novel, the character doesn’t remember reliving other then a sense of foreboding causing her to avoid things that have killed her in the past, but Harry August remembers every instant of each of his growing number of lives. As is the style of Claire North, some ‘what-if’ magical realism possibility is explored in really thoughtful and interesting ways . It askes the questions: if this thing really happened to a real person how would it affect them? How would they live, what would they do? The questions are addressed and answered in ways that make sense, while still being gripping and moving – I can very much empathise with the character, and imagine myself in the role – what would I do?

I’m so happy I have discovered this writer and I’m getting so much joy from reading her books.

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