Fated – Alex Verus Novel 1 – Benedict Jacka – 21.05.22

Cursed – Alex Verus Novel 2 – Benedict Jacka – 25.06.22

Amazon was always suggesting Benedict Jacka books to me, I guess because I read Ben Aaronovitch and Sarah Painter, so when books one and two in this series were going cheep, I gave them a go.

Well, I like the series so far, the main character, Alex Verus has a magical artifacts shop in London – mostly knickknacks for tourists but some actual magical things for the discerning. It’s an Urban Fantasy, in that there is a magical subculture within the ‘real world’ and Alex is a person with magical ability. He has completed his apprenticeship, but is still somewhat on the fringes of magical society, as his power doesn’t seem obviously great (although I think it’s pretty awesome). He is able to foresee the immediate future (or possible immediate futures) which makes him very good at avoiding attacks, and also cracking combination locks as he just has to imagine all the different attempts until he sees a future in which he opens the lock.

There is politics aplenty between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ wizards and the lines are blurred between the definitions. Also Alex takes on a young apprentice and the relationship he has with her is interesting.

I will look out for more books in the series going cheep and buy and read them when they are.

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