The Cruel Prince – Holly Black (AUDIOBOOK) – 16.05.22

The Wicked King – Holly Black (AUDIOBOOK) – 20.05.22

The Queen of Nothing: The Folk of the Air, Book 3 – Holly Black, Caitlin Kelly, et al. (AUDIOBOOK) -23.05.22

I think I bought the second audiobook in this series on sale for not much money, and started listening not realising it was the second in a trilogy although it was quite obvious when I did start listening that I was missing something! So I bought the first (having enjoyed The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, and The Darkest Part of The Forest, and being a fan of modern faerie tales) and wasn’t sure at first if it wasn’t too American Teen fiction -y for my taste. Still, I kept listening and finished the first part, then listened to the second part, and then bought and listened to the third part (it would be rude not to!) and found myself invested in the characters and what happened to them. Overall, I’m not sure that I loved the series, but then I’m not the target audience, and I clearly liked it enough to finish all three books. I did like how it ended.

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