They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera – 11.04.22

My daughter and I have a thing, that when we’re visiting each other, we swap kindles and read books from the other one. At Christmas this was the book on Becca’s kindle that I started to read, but with one thing and another I didn’t get very far, so I eventually got around to buying my own copy and finishing it.

It’s an American YA book, so not always my cup of tea, and I didn’t instantly love it, but it did have its merits. The premise is that in this world, for some reason the day of everyone’s death is known (they never explain how) and at or around midnight of the eve of your death you get a phone call informing you that it is your last day.

The story follows two such ‘last dayers’ (I forget now the actual terminology they use – something snappier than ‘last dayers’!) from quite different backgrounds who find each other on an app and spend their final hours together.

I quite like the book. It certainly raised interesting questions about whether you would rather know your death was coming and how you would spend your final hours if you did, and even if knowing it was coming is actually what causes your death?!

The book grew on my, and I quite liked how it ended (they both died!).

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