Nomadland: Surviving America in the 21st Century (AUDIOBOOK) – Jessica Bruder, Karen White, et al. – 27.01.22

I loved the film adaptation of this book, and since the audiobook was going cheap, and usually books give more insight than movies, I gave it a go.

I think what the book lacked over the film was the gorgeous cinematography – the film was just so visually stunning and showed the vast expanse of the American scenery in a way that the book couldn’t. On the other hand, I think for me the book emphasised the hardship and difficulties that drove so many Americans, often middle aged or older, to have to take up this lifestyle. Crippling housing or healthcare costs forced many to become virtually homeless – migrant workers ‘slaving’ away at minimum wage well into middle and older age.

While there is a romantic side to life on the road, and the community that exists between the travellers, it’s clearly not an easy option. I found the book thought provoking and interesting.

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