The Apollo Murders (Audiobook) – Chris Hadfield – 10.01.22

I heard Chris Hadfield interviewed about this book on the radio, and I remembered him from the images on tv of him singing ‘Ground Control to Major Tom’ whilst floating in a space ship and thought he seemed like a fun guy and I was intrigued to read his book. I love the Andy Weir books that are set in space and was hoping for something similar. Sadly, I was disappointed.

I found this book really slow to start, and then it dragged in the middle, and the ending wasn’t great (other than the relief of it finally being over). There seemed to be an awful lot of boring detail (and I love all the sciencey detail in Andy Weir books, so it’s not that I don’t like to learn stuff….). I didn’t warm to any of the characters, and I often lost track of who was who, and where our sympathies were supposed to lie (and if I even cared…). There was a lot of ‘Isn’t America Great’ baloney, and nobody should be subjected to that.

Yeah, didn’t like it. Sorry.

(Oh, I just remembered that there was one fun fact that I learned and that made me smile, and I remember thinking that I should mention it in my review so it wasn’t all bad, but now I’ve forgotten what it was…. It’ll come back to me, maybe…).

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