Random Sh*t Flying Through the Air (The Frost Files Book 2) – Jackson Ford – 24.01.22

I find this kind of urban fantasy really fun if its done well, and so far I’m enjoying this series very much. The main character, Teagan Frost, has powers of telekinesis thanks to genetic modification work carried out on her and her two siblings by her parents. As far as she knows, the rest of her family are dead and she is kept in check by a government agency who used to keep her in a faculty, but now allow her to live by herself if she works for them.

In this installment, a small boy has similar powers, and an evil plan to destroy the western edge of the USA by manipulating the tectonic plates and causing major earthquakes. Teagan and her crew must try to find him and stop him before it’s too late!

Fun, fun! There are two more books in the series so far and I look forward to reading them too.

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