The Sandman: Act II – Neil Gaiman (AUDIOBOOK) – 29.11.21

The main arc of this audiobook is that the keys of hell have been given to Morpheus and he must decide what to do with them. Many interested parties descend on him to threaten, promise, cajole or bribe him to try to get the keys for themselves.

Also, the one love of Morpheus’s existence has been trapped in hell for millennia after he abandoned her there when she spurned his devotion, and he wants to rescue her and make amends.

There are many side stories of course, ranging through time and dreams and the cast is full of famous and fabulous actors bringing the stories to life.

I found it thoughtful, compelling, funny and at times frightening, but for reasons I can’t quite fathom, I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as The Sandman Act 1.

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