The Man Who Died Twice (Thursday Murder Club book 2) – Richard Osman (AUDIOBOOK) – 15.10.21

When I reviewed the first Thursday Murder Club book by Richard Osman, I said that it was not what I expected, and that threw me a bit. This time around, I knew what to expect, and I had a nice warm cozy feeling upon being reacquainted with the cast of old people sleuths, a bit like getting back into a still warm bed in the night after having to get up to go to the loo (!). I actually really enjoyed listening to this story. I think the writing, which I had felt meandered a bit too much in the first book, was more focussed with better structure and the plot held together well. Once again the book was both humorous and poignant and whilst Joyce’s character is sometimes pushed a little too far into caricature, I still really felt bonded to her and a certain kinship with her!

You do have to suspend belief somewhat – I don’t think that in real life either the police or the secret services would work so closely with these amateur retirees or indeed let them take the lead so much in an investigation of murder, diamond theft and drug dealing gang wars! If you imagine The Famous Five all got old and lived in a retirement village but still had adventures and solved crimes, then this is the book you’d get.

I did really like it thought – apart from the interview at the end of the audiobook between the author and the narrator which was all ‘ I love you, you’re so great…’ ‘no, I love you more, because you’re even greater,’ ‘no you’re the best’ ‘no you are…’ and so on. Puh lease. Get a room.

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