Exit – Belinda Bauer – 28.09.21

I thought this book was great. It has a sort of lighthearted murder mystery feel and yet it deal with such deep and profound issues as well. Felix lost his wife to a debilitating illness, and with hindsight wished he could have ended her suffering sooner. This motivates him to join a group who ‘help’ terminally ill people to end their own lives with simple dignity and without family members and, more crucially sometimes, insurers, from knowing.

When Felix learns that he accidentally ‘helped’ the wrong person and a murder investigation is opened his life starts to unravel. He is no murderer, and he is torn between going to the police and confessing, and following up himself on a few things that make him suspicious of the whole set up.

I loved the characters in the book, and the moral dilemmas and the mystery as it unfolded was interesting.

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