Low Action (The Vinyl Detective Mysteries, Book 5) (AUDIOBOOK) – Andrew Cartmel 09.07.21

I really like this series – I’m getting to know and love the recurring characters. (I just went to look at Amazon reviews, because I couldn’t remember the name of the ‘title character’ who is the vinyl detective, and I’m a bit gobsmacked by everyone saying ‘the still unnamed’ main character – it had seriously never occurred to me until this point that the main character is never named – saying that, it is quite possible that this had occurred to me in the past and I’ve just completely forgotten – I do have a notoriously bad memory!!). So, the unnamed title character, and his girlfriend, Nevada live in London with their two cats, and one of my favourite things about them is their love of and amusing observations of the cats and their behaviours. Their friends Tinkler and his crush ‘clean head’ join them on their detecting adventures around the world of vintage vinyl. (Who knew old records could cause such skullduggery and murder?). The gang get into more comedic life threatening situations in this tale where members of an 80s girl punk band from a posh English school start to fear for their lives. Lots of fun – bring on the next one. (Also, I usually read these books on kindle, but I must have got a good deal on the audiobook, and it was fun to listen for a change – the narrator sounded like a stoned Bill Nighy, which I thought was just the right note for this story!)

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