The Fall of Koli – M.R. Carey – 02.06.21 The Trials of Koli – M.R. Carey – 13.06.21

I read the first book in this trilogy quite some time ago, and I remember liking it, but not being blown away by it. The second book, however, had me really gripped, so much so that I instantly read the third book.

This series is set in a dystopian future where most civilisation had been destroyed by war and the remaining population lived in primitive villages with little communication or social structure between groups of people. Before the collapse there was a lot of advanced technology, but most of it has been lost or fallen into disrepair, and any working tech is guarded as relics by a religious overclass who keep its secrets from the general population. Koli discovers this secret, and manages to wake up a tablet computer with an onboard AI personality and has to run away or face execution when this is discovered.

Travel is made difficult due to waring factions, dormant but deadly military tech and genetically engineered plant and animal life that is all out to kill, eat or lay eggs in you.

Koli meets up with people, forms a questing party and has adventures. It’s fun, I liked it. There are thought provoking issues raised about people, society, technology, artificial intelligence etc and the characters are interesting and likeable and do the whole actual and metaphorical journey thing well.

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