The Other Half of Augusta Hope – Joanna Glen – 08.04.21

I read the second half of this book in one sitting when I couldn’t sleep one night, and I was totally gripped by it. I remember lying in bed thinking gushing adjectives about how incandescent, perfect, heart wrenching and beautiful it was.

The book tells parallel stories, in alternate chapters, of Augusta, a twin in a very middle class suburban family in the South of England who feels out of place, and Parfait, a boy growing up in war torn Burundi and suffering terrible atrocities and traumas.

Both Augusta and Parfait dream of escaping to a different life and a tragic happening when Parfait finally makes it out of Africa to the shores of Spain at the same time that Augusta’s family are holidaying in Spain shapes both of their lives.

Looking back on the book, and analysing it, I can’t help thinking the the story is very contrived, and our heartstrings are constantly plucked at with what could be unkindly construed as manipulative melodrama, and yet, I still remember how much I loved the experience of living the drama with the characters, so I think I’ll stick with my gut and not my head and say it’s a great book!

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