The Magnus Archives Series One (Podcast Series) – Jonathan Sims – 01.02.21

My son, Christy recommended this podcast series to me as an alternative to the audiobooks I usually listen to. It’s an anthology series of one off horror stories, but with an ever growing interconnectivity. At first the stories all seem spooky but stand alone, but then little patterns or names or details show up in more than one story, and an overriding arc starts to develop. I’m very much enjoying the stories and the unfolding mysteries. It took me a while to get used to the podcast set up – I’m not so young that all this technology is second nature to me, and for a while when I listened to an episode on Spotify, at the end of the episode it automatically played the most recent episode rather then the next one. Since I listen while out running, it is fiddly for me to sort this and I ended up listening to episode 190 several times and getting spoilers! I have sorted this out now by making a playlist with the next ten or twenty episodes in the right order and deleting them and adding more every now and then. The ads at the beginning and end of each episode are annoying too, although I think there is a way you can pay and not have to listen to these? The stories (in the first series at least) are mostly read by the author (Jonathan Sims) and he has a nice and quite mesmerising voice. At the end of each series they have interviews and Q&As with the writer and production team which are quite interesting.

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