Agent to the Stars (AUDIOBOOK) – John Scalzi (Narrated by: Wil Wheaton) – 19.01.21

I really enjoyed this audiobook. It is an example of a sci-fi comedy that doesn’t resort to ‘lowest common denominator’ slapstick or just stupid schoolboy humour (like the awful Elvenquest). This is a thoughtful and engaging story of an American agent who usually works with actors, but is given the secret task of putting a positive spin on the first contact between humans and an alien species that while intelligent and peaceable appear as foul smelling ugly blob creatures. There is a lot of humour, especially when one of the aliens merges with a dog and takes on its form and memories while still being able to talk and think like an intelligent alien. The characters are likeable and the plot races along with lots of twists and turns and a nice satisfying conclusion. It was a fun listen.

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