We Sold Our Souls – Grady Hendrix – 13.12.20

I loved this book! I’m a member of a book group that happens to be all female (a man did come a couple of times but he hasn’t been in a while) and at 51 I’m the youngest member. The girls are by no means ‘fuddy duddy’, and yet they are unanimously horrified when I tell them that I like to read and or watch horror. I don’t like the rubbish jump scare scantily clad young women running about screaming type of horror, but when it is done well, with an interesting plot that makes sense and characters with depth who face challenges and go on journeys of discovery then horror can be a really good genre for thought provoking essays on the human condition. Great examples are The Babadook and the recent movie ‘His House’ as well as the French tv series ‘Marianne’ and everything written by Grady Hendrix! I’ve read/listened to most of his novels now and they have all been brilliant. (I initially assumed Grady Hendrix was female as all his books seem to be female centric and he does the female mind so well!). This book follows a middle aged failed former heavy metal guitarist who is making one last-ditched attempt to get recompense from her former band member who screwed over her and the rest of the band and now has a phenomenally successful solo career. Her journey quickly moves her down terrifying paths and she uncovers terrible secrets. The book is a love letter to music in general and heavy metal in particular (a genre I don’t enjoy, and yet was still moved by the passion towards it of the character). It was a bit overly gory for my taste at times (although I guess the violence was maybe necessary to progress the plot) but all in all it was a moving, exciting and satisfying read.

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