Why We Eat (Too Much): The New Science of Appetite – Andrew Jenkinson – 15.09.20

This book was the Kindle 99p deal one day, so I bought it, as I’m struggling to maintain my weight loss and it seemed to be a fairly rigorous scientific approach to obesity by a doctor who is an experienced obesity surgeon. The author himself admits that the title is a little misleading, as the book really addresses why some people get fat who eat the same amount of calories and have the same levels of activity as others who stay thin. Having studied genetics at university myself, and having read up on this subject already, I had already reached many of the conclusions that he states (It’s always nice to be told you’re right by someone highly qualified) but I got a little frustrated as the overly simplified and repetitive way he made his points (again, and again, and again…). I already knew that the most significant factor in being obese is your genetic makeup, which in our current environment predisposes a lot of people to being overweight. The changes in the environment which caused the rises in obesity levels seem to be initially the availability of processed sugar, and more recently (and even more significantly) the change from animal fats (butter, lard etc) for cooking and baking to vegetable fats that are produced in such a way that they are full of super unhealthy trans-fats. Most (or possibly all) of the processed foods we can buy are made with trans fats and processed sugar. The takeaway from the book for me is to change from using (what I thought was healthy) vegetable oil for cooking, to either extra virgin olive oil, or peanut oil, and avoiding wherever possible sugar, simple carbs and processed food. (The sugar one is going to be tough – who doesn’t love cakes and biscuits??)

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