The Midnight Library – Matt Haig – 19.08.20

I have loved everything I’ve read by Matt Haig, even his self-help type books, when normally I wouldn’t go near that sort of book. This is a novel, with a bit of self-help thrown in for free. During a suicide attempt, Nora finds herself in the state between life and death in a mysterious library with her beloved old school librarian, Mrs Elm. All the infinite number of books represent possible lives she could have lived. Mrs Elm shows her a book of regrets, which lists all the things she has done that she wishes she did differently, from major life decisions to minor little things. Nora is given the chance to experience what her life would be if she’d made the other choice – she can visit as many of these alternate lives as she likes until she finds one where she wants to stay. The story is fun and wise and thought provoking and actually made me feel better about my life – the takeaway sentiment from the book is not to live with regret because whatever choice you make you will end up with a life that has both joy and sorrow and seeing what might have happened makes you both appreciate the life you have and feel excited for the potential for what is yet to come.

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