The Limpet Syndrome – Tony Moyle – (AUDIOBOOK) – 14.08.20

This audiobook is the first in a darkly comedic supernatural series and I received it and also the first in another series by the same author as a free promotion. I approached it with a slightly snobby ‘well, if they have to give it away for free, it can’t be that good’ attitude (despite me using the same tactic with Blood and Snow free promotions(!)) but I was actually, for the most part, pleasantly surprised. The storytelling was at times genuinely funny (also sometimes a bit cringeworthy) and the plot made sense and rattled along at a never boring pace with enough complexity to stay interesting without getting needlessly complex. I didn’t like the two main characters of men in their thirties ogling over a 17 year old girl and the very sexualised language used to describe her. I get that one man was supposed to be a morally corrupt rock star, but still, with our enlightened modern sensibilities it just jarred with me. That aside, I did enjoy listening to the book and I may buy more in the series to listen to (not decided yet).

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