Little Fires Everywhere (BOOKGROUP) – Celeste Ng – 17.06.20

I watched the Amazon Prime TV series based on this book after I’d bought the book, but before I read it, which I really enjoyed. Paul and I watched the series together and found it provoked a lot of discussion about racism, classism, mother daughter relationships and other stuff, and I told the ladies in my book group about it during our Covid 19 zoom book group chat and we decided to read the book as our next book group read. Then I read the book. It’s funny because usually (especially for a film adaptation) the book delves deeper into the story than the film, but in this case, the book was a fairly short read compared with the ten hour long episode series and the show actually had quite a bit more content than the book. I’m hoping that the book group ladies (none of whom saw the tv show) like the book – for me it was a bit weird reading it so soon after seeing the programme.

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