The Murmur of Bees – Sofía Segovia, Simon Bruni – 30.05.20

This book was recommended to my by my daughter, and since it was only 99p on kindle I bought and read it. It’s translated from Mexican and set in the early twentieth century. The story is told to the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution and the spread of Spanish Flu, along with the Great DepressionContinue reading “The Murmur of Bees – Sofía Segovia, Simon Bruni – 30.05.20”

Burn – Patrick Ness (AUDIOBOOK) – 24.05.20

I was really looking forward to this book, as a big fan of Patrick Ness, but I have to say I found it a little hard to get into at first (you could say it was a bit of a slow burner -wah wah wah!). Once I had listened for a while though, I foundContinue reading “Burn – Patrick Ness (AUDIOBOOK) – 24.05.20”

The Hoarder – Jess Kidd – 21.05.20

The funniest thing just happened! I keep a word document which I update whenever I finish reading a book or listening to an audiobook so I don’t forget when I get behind writing up my blog (which is pretty much all the time…) and I was so convinced that I remembered the lovely Irish voiceContinue reading “The Hoarder – Jess Kidd – 21.05.20”

Polystom – Adam Roberts – 18.05.20

I have read quite a few of Adam Roberts books and some I absolutely love and others I am a bit meh with, this one sadly fell into the later category for me. It’s somewhat confusing working out if it’s set in our distant future, or in an alternate reality, and while the end ofContinue reading “Polystom – Adam Roberts – 18.05.20”

Machines Like Me – Ian McEwan (AUDIOBOOK) – 14.05.20

I listened to this while making my most recent patchwork quilt ( so it’s forever linked in my mind with sewing squares together! I found the audiobook very interesting – a young man buys a prototype android and owning it has profound implications to his life. The book raises a lot of issues about whatContinue reading “Machines Like Me – Ian McEwan (AUDIOBOOK) – 14.05.20”