Send me your details on the contact me page and you could win a signed copy of THE FORBIDDEN ROOM or THE TRAP

If you would like to be entered into a draw to win a signed copy of THE FORBIDDEN ROOM or THE TRAP, just send me your details in the contact me page.

If you would like to ask a question, or write a comment or a review of THE FORBIDDEN ROOM at the same time, I may post your comments on the 'Your questions and comments' page.


Julia from Romania won a signed copy of The Trap in June 2012. The next draw is due anytime, and the winner will be announced soon.


The winner of the November 2011 draw has been contacted, and I'm waiting for them to get back to me with their postal address - so if you entered, check your email! 


  The winner of the May 2011 draw was Laura McEldowney

Congratulations Laura, a signed copy of The Trap will be on it's way to you soon. 

 The winner of the January Draw was Elyn Rowe - Congratulations Elyn!

 The winner of the October draw was Susan Humphreys - congratulations Susan! 

The winner of the August draw didn't send me their contact details. 

The winner of the February draw was Mitchel Pearson. A signed copy of The Trap is on its way to him care of his school, Antrim Grammar. The next draw will take place on or soon after the end of April 2010 (I said that in case I forget to do it on the right day!)

The winner of the the October free draw was Paul Thomas Aston. I'm waiting for Paul to send me his address so I can get his prize in the post to him. Congratulations Paul!

Once again I'm late with the free draw - what am I like? The draw that was due at the end of July just took place (24th August) and the winner was.... Michaela Stevenson. I'm waiting for Michaela to send me her address and then a signed book will be in the post for her. The next draw (hopefully) will take place at the end of October.

I was sick from the first of April - I had to go to hospital with gallstones and ended up having my gallbladder removed on the 24th April, so I didn't get around to doing the draw from the end of March until today (8th May). The winner was Natasha Mackay. The next draw will take place on the 31st July.

Good luck!

The winner of the January draw was Carol Thompson and a signed copy of The Forbidden Room has been posted all the way to South Africa for Carol.

The winner of the November draw was Jade Daniella Arnott. Congratulations Jade!

The winner of the September draw was Michael Wilson - please send me your contact details Michael, so I can send you your prize.

The winner of the June draw was Ruby Leather - congratulations Ruby!

The winner of the draw made on 30th April 2008 was Asif Ali Khan - Congratulations! (You can read Asif's question on the Your questions and comments page.)

Alisha Well won a copy of The Forbidden Room after sending three comments to the website. Here's one of them:
i am 10 years old
and i go to hazelwood primary school
and we are reading the forbidden room
and i love it
we only have two chapters to go i can`t wait love alisha xxxx
I was able to present Alisha with her book during a visit to her school, Hazelwood Primary.