Below are some links to sites that sell my book, or review it. If you have a website, and you like The Forbidden Room, why not add a link to on your site. If you let me know in the contact me form, I may return the favour.

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BookFinder4you - a book price comparison site

I did an interview recently with Lee Henry of Culture Northern Ireland. Here's a link to the article he wrote.

Culture Northern Ireland

To read some reviews of The Forbidden Room,  click on the following links:

Guardian books

If you want to see more reviews, or if you want to check that I didn't just cherry-pick all the good ones, why not google variations of my name and the book title and see what you come up with. I've had hours of fun doing that myself. (Mindless surfing - one of the perks of being self-employed!)

Here's a link to a Jigsaw site that is my biggest distraction at the moment - when I should be working and instead I'm surfing the internet this is one of the places I go to most often:

Daily Jigsaw Puzzle site

This site has lots of fun games if you have even more time to waste: